The Plough (2010)
By Simon Raven

Commissioned by Tether through Tethervision. Supported by an NCAN Bursary.

Part of an ongoing series of performances and films created by the artist that draw on the stars and stellar constellations as imagery and subject matter. Taking the notion of a TV ident such as those seen between programmes, often including hot air balloons, twirling ribbons and other activities incorporating the channels identity- Raven has produced a short, reflective video work that presents us with the image of the artist walking away from us with a satellite dish in tow. Down empty roads, into fields and industrial estates until the world wakes with the rising sun, The Plough presents us with a performance which draws together the contemporary and the archaic, the prosaic and the celestial.

Recorded with Tether in one night (from 2am until dawn), the process of filming has provided the artist with material for several works:
“Just as the sky turned a vivid cobalt blue, an employee from a nearby McDonalds chucked a load of yesterday’s bread onto a patch of grass near where we were filming. A flock of birds swooped in and a feeding frenzy happened, which we filmed too. Looking back at the footage and trying to edit it into something, it occurred that we might have potential for a few separate works – one being a film of a satellite being dragged along roads and pathways at night, and another using the footage of the birds projected onto and through the satellite dish, as a sort of video sculpture. The work is in progress.”

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