Internet, Live at Primary

Live from The Caretaker’s House.

July 7 2012, 7pm


On July 7 1456,  Joan of Arc is acquitted of heresy, 25 years after her death. On July 7 1928, the Chillicothe Baking Company sells sliced bread for the first time. On July 7, 1954, Elvis Presley makes his radio debut in Memphis with “That’s All Right”.

On July 7 2012, Tethervision launched their latest series live at Primary in Nottingham and broadcast live online.

The event featured a performance from London-based artist David Raymond Conroy alongside a newly developed work from Internet, an artist collective whose members include Siân Robinson Davies & Diego Chamy.

Alongside the performances, we screened Video Show curated by Chris Coombes, Simon Raven presented his long awaited DJ set and Tether served a specially developed cocktail.

”What I hope is to evoke the idea that maybe it is all a fake, or a performance, like the things I’m talking about, but that is a peculiarly sharp way to get to something with which we can empathise.”*

The event was broadcast live online from YouTube, Saturday 7 July, 7pm BST.

INTERNET is an art collective that formed in 2010 when its first members met on a large group project. During this project they found that they could and wanted to do something collaboratively. Since then they have written and performed several pieces. The group is flexible, which means that not all of them participate in the same way every time. Internet’s performances involve conversations and dialogue and are often scripted, developing through a collaborative writing process. Members include Diego Chamy and Siân Robinson Davies.

Read the full press release.
Watch the live broadcast here.
Visit the website of Internet.


ABILITIES by InternetEmma Leach as Emma Leach
Ann Ward as Sue Rigley
Shelley Draper as Lynn Sutcliff
Niki Russell as the second host

Music Video by Robert Bidder