“I made a number of these video tapes and for the most part I found the practise of making them extremely unsatisfactory, a lot of which had to do with the viewing conventions in museums, often times when your work was shown in museums if you were lucky enough to be invited to show, your work was shown in a room which was in the hallway, by the cafeteria or bathroom, etcetera etcetera, so nobody really got a chance to see your work look very good and I became increasingly frustrated with being known as a “video artist” and also with the viewing conventions, and so I took a brief detour into MTV.

MTV starts in 1982 and I was a producer there for a while during its early days before it was bought by Time Warner when it was actually very artist friendly and there were many many artists who were affiliated in one way or another. The interesting thing about MTV at the time was that it was trying to rethink what is television? It had no idea of what it wanted to be when it first began, it was started by two very young boys who liked to have fun and so there was about 4 or 5 years when it was actually fun and you could try lots of experiments.

We were really experimenting with content and that’s advertising the stuff between the programming or the programming the stuff between the advertisements and so forth. When it was bought by Time Warner the party was over and I was fired but not before I got to make a bunch of music videos which were also another kind of dead end.”

http://vimeo.com/9511997 - David Wild – Blew
http://techtv.mit.edu/videos/3312-judith-barry-artist-talk - Judith Barry artist talk, MIT 2009