Are all curators failed television presenters? Are all artists failed celebrities? Are all TV-quizzes intrinsically absurd? Is contemporary art a failed joke? The second episode of Sideshow’s own art-themed game-show, Black Swans, hosted by Duncan Allen. Taking inspiration from every TV quiz show under the sun, from Blankety Blank to Pat Sharpe’s Fun House through Shooting Stars, Black Swans is be filmed before a live studio audience, hold regular team captains and reoccurring rounds; all designed to deconstruct the game-show format and celebrate the quirks and curiosities of contemporary art.
episode 3
hosted by
Duncan Allen
team 1
Niki Russell (captain)
Claire Simpson
Fay Nicolson
team 2
Rob Blackson (captain)
Alia Pathan
Robin Kirkham
special guest
Bruce Asbestos
sound ©
Meteor Theme Tune
The Feelies – Crazy Rhythms
The Clash – Wrong ‘Em Boyo
video ©
Harry Potter
Tsui Kuang-Yu
Hannah Phillips
Lauren O’Grady
Samuel Mercer
live mixing
Liam Aitken
Samuel Mercer
produced by
filmed on
December 16th 2010
thanks to
Nottingham Trent University
Broadway Cinema
David Blandy
New College Nottingham
All of our volunteers