Gods and Rockers is a look at how two entities can create themselves. For believers, both speak truth and exemplify a way of life, for the detractors they are based on what may appear to be delicate reasoning. Bringing together artists who work with myth, ritual, idolatry and belief, these three events aim to begin a conversation about the creation of enigmatic figures seen as ‘Gods’ by their followers, and to discuss, perhaps, the nature of authenticity when considering systems or movements that are based on debateable truths.

David Blandy’s work involves ideas of pilgrimage and of searching for truth, authenticity and experience. In ‘Crossroads’, he looks to discover a true experience of the blues whilst traversing the Mississippi Delta in search of the spirit of Robert Johnson, a mysterious figure within the annals of musical history. Blandy’s pilgrimages are fixed in cultural movements. In ‘Five Boroughs of the Soul’ he brings together the discipline of the warrior in Kung-Fu and a fascination with musical personalities and the meaning of ‘Soul’ in his Barefoot Lone Pilgrim. Both works involve ideas of discovery and ritual as well as visitations to places made significant by extraordinary acts or events, whether well documented or mythical.

‘Rock My Religion’ discusses ideas of how rock and roll became comparable to a religion. Dan Graham brings together facets of idolatry (both created and incidental) with the response of those whose lives intertwined with a cultural shift. The audience, or followers, embellish the myth of the figure by creating expectation and hysteria; a movement is created not just by its leader, but by those who choose to exacerbate what is created.

Ben Judd uses ritual to question the nature of belief. His interest in the out-there’ and the not-so-normal intertwine with the exclusivity of secret societies and occult practice to question how and why people are drawn into circles of belief. The performative acts often question the role of the participant as a carrier of perceived truth, leading to a discourse around ideas of the viewers’ perspective and the willingness to believe.

Gods and Rockers
curated by Dan Green

Ben Judd at Nottingham Contemporary, 26th November, performance times are as follows:
11am ~ Sue Tribe, Shaman
1pm ~ Robert Hawk, Shaman
3pm ~ Jenny Cross, Psychic Medium

David Blandy at The Black Swan, Tether
Nov 30th – Dec 5th

Dan Graham in Tethervision Studio
3rd December, 8pm. Free.

more information: http://www.sixesandsevenscollective.co.uk/