The 36th video focusing on the British independent art scene sees Tether interview artist collective Exit Here.

Exit Here is run by Alan Armstrong & Amelia Beavis Harrison, who also co-founded Prussian Projekte & run The Lincoln Art Programme.

Exit Here is the consequent outcome of the cross disciplinary dialogue between Armstrong and Beavis-Harrison. This dialogue forms the ‘feet’ of Exit Here and is used to develop and initiate collaborative working methods with fellow artists and organisations.

Exit Here use the very primitive nature of exchange to develop projects and events that use fictional narratives and constructed contexts to tempt the inquisitive nature of its audience. Signing up to an Exit Here project plunges its participants into the projects specifically constructed environment, in which it becomes a necessity to actively engage, and seek both answers and solutions to complete what Exit Here have created. Exit Here seek the innovative response and risk in unexpected forms.

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