Are all curators failed television presenters? Are all artists failed celebrities? Are all TV-quizzes intrinsically absurd? Is contemporary art a failed joke?

During October, November and December, Tether will be producing and hosting three episodes of Sideshow’s own art-themed game-show, Black Swans, which will quiz invited contestants and engage them in action-based tasks. Taking inspiration from every TV quiz show under the sun, from Blankety Blank to Pat Sharpe’s Fun House through Shooting Stars, Black Swans will be filmed before a live studio audience, hold regular team captains and reoccurring rounds; all designed to deconstruct the game-show format and celebrate the quirks and curiosities of contemporary art.

For those who want to be part of the studio audience, all places are free, but limited, so booking is required. To secure a place please click here.

The quiz will also be available in an edited format via Tethervision: a free online “television channel” run by Tether, one week after filming, and indefinitely after that.

Book for episode one below and all other events at