As the dual presences of Sideshow and the British Art Show 7 loom ever nearer, we are again reminded of how different Nottingham is now, compared to four years ago during the previous British Art Show, and with the former Sideshow. The exponential explosion of independent activity in the city in the intervening years has brought an air of optimism to the city, and with it, more of a sense of parity between projects in ‘the fringe’ and main events. There is so much going on that it is hard to know what to think of it all.

With this in mind, Tether have been specially commissioned by Sideshow to produce three live review shows to cover all things art in October, November and December –from Sideshow events themselves through to British Art Show exhibitions and projects- to be filmed in front of a live audience, the three episodes will be open to the public, with a studio debate section central to the premise of critique and evaluation, as well as shown in an edited format via Tether’s online “television channel” of video art and videos about art, Tethervision.

Featuring specially invited guests from the programmes of both Sideshow and the British Art Show, including some of the UK’s leading artists, curators and writers, Sideshowshow will seek to cover all angles of the wide range of creative activities happening in Nottingham at this exciting time. There will be regular interview-style question and answer sections with guests, review sections recorded by roving reporters, documentation of select events as they happen, and previews of future projects.

Episode 1: Guests include Simon Raven, Aaron Juneau & Hugh Dichmont
Episode 2: Guests include Michelle Bowen, Tom Duggan, Bruce Asbestos & Sarah Duffy
Episode 3: Guests include Tom Morton, Lisa Le Feuvre & Kathy Fawcett

For those who want to be part of the studio audience, all places are free, but limited, so booking is required. To book click here.

Tethervision is free to view, and each Sideshowshow will be available online one week after filming, and then indefinitely.