We spent the fourth day of the Tethervision tour around North West England. We had only three initiatives to meet on the day, all within a relatively short distance from each other.

The thirteenth video features Islington Mill Art Academy – a free self-organised art school based in Manchester, UK. It was set up in 2007 by a group of art foundation students, dissatisfied with the quality and standards in University fine art courses open to them at that time.

The Academy exists to experiment with what an education in art can be, where it can take place and how it can be paid for. It is open to anyone who would like to be an artist and who is interested in taking responsibility for, and direction of the way in which they intend to do this. The artists in the group take all of the decisions related to their personal learning process and put these decisions into practice themselves.

More information: http://islingtonmillartacademy.blogspot.com/