The ninth space Tether visited on the tour in September 2009 was Supercollider, an artist run initiative based in Blackpool committed to the dissemination of contemporary arts practice in the town by presenting a diverse and dynamic programme of temporary contemporary art projects. Originally concieved in late 2007 and currently housed in a former dance studio in central Blackpool, supercollider is well positioned to provide the community with a forum for intellectual engagement, debate, participation and appreciation.

To celebrate 2 years of Supercollider, they are running a projects entitled ‘Superclub’ which aims to start with an event on Halloween and end with an event at the begining of December. supercollider will become superclub and operate as a social space for the community who visit it.

Supercollider are also working with artists to develop projects in line with Blackpool Councils Culture Shops programme – launching with Fiona Shaw who is making a series of text pieces for shop window spaces in Blackpool town centre.

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