Tether This Is It Information Events

14th September, 5 - 9pm
Launch of Service Provider and This Is It.

18th September, 7pm. [Book here]
Artist Cook night
Nottingham-based artists Kashif Nadim Chaudry and Chie Hosaka cook up a proto-Pakistani Sushi.
The event will also be a chance to explore some of the ideas for the following nights discussion, Stuck in The Moment.

19th September, 7pm - 7am [all nighter - limited space. Book here]
Stuck in The Moment
You are invited to an intimate all night discussion at The Royal Standard. Together we will use the past and the present to answer some of the most difficult questions ever posed. Will we be correct? Does it matter? Some of these questions will be impossible to answer by today’s means but like a Heath Robinson contraption, we will arrive at an outcome even if it is via an unnecessarily intricate, or entirely improvised decision making process?

21st September, 7pm - 7am [all nighter - limited space. Book here]
Get Drunk With Tether
This rounds on us! Join us for an intimate evening of cocktails and cheap wine where you can learn how to prepare for failure both practically and mentally to ensure that you can cope when disaster strikes you.

25th September, 7pm
Artist Cook night + screening [Book here]
Tonight, the food will be created and served by Brendan Curtis Burton.

28th September, 6pm
This Really Is It.
Join Tether for the climax of their project at The Royal Standard.