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Tether Festival Events

Sunday 4th November- Opening Party; Cast Bar, Nottingham Playhouse, from 7pm
A buffet, projections and live jazz to celebrate the inauguration of the 2007 Tether Festival.

Tuesday 6th November- Private View; Lost in Pace, curated by Samuel Mercer and Liam Aitken; Tether Studios
Free drinks and a first chance to view works by artists from the Nottingham based collective. Show runs until Sunday 18th November.

Monday 12th November, from 5pm- Opening Party; Beneath the Tarmac, the Grass; Edin's Cafe (15 Broad St, Nottingham - opposite Broadway Cinema) Map
With the Lurking Hole Zine stall and free Golden Moles!

Tuesday 13th November, 6-9pm- Private View; Throes, curated by Charlotte Pratley and Alexandria Clark; Victoria Court Interiors Map
Live performances. Show runs until Tuesday 20th November.

Tuesday 20th November, 6-9.30pm- Private View; Pipe Dream, curated by Rebecca Gove-Humphries and Katrine Brosnan; Tether Studios Map
An evening of performances, singing birds, animation, Johnny Cash, progressive sculptures and paintings.

Sunday 25th November- Closing Party, Malt Cross, £3 (£2 CONCESSIONS), from 8pm
Live music from bands including Fists, and a DJ set.
2+2=5ism, by Apexa Patel and Hannah Phillips
Caving in to a target marketing strategy aimed at oneself after holding out for a long period of time: "Oh, all right, I'll buy your stupid cola. Now leave me alone.


Tether Exhibitions

Tuesday 6th until Sunday 18th November 12-7 daily (closed Monday 12th)-
Lost in Pace, curated by Samuel Mercer and Liam Aitken; Tether Studios
Lost in Pace delivers a unique subversion of a traditional group show. Featuring interviews from members of the Tether group in a multiscreen installation, it aims to give the audience an insight into the transitional months between the end of university and starting their new

Monday 12th until Friday 16th, 10-5 daily- Beneath the Tarmac, The Grass, curated by Katherine Webborn; Bromley House Library. Map
A wide range of book art has infiltrated the shelves of the Bromley house library. Armed
with only a map, visitors are invited to hunt down these one-off and limited edition artist-made books while exploring the beautiful 18th Century Town House.

Tuesday 13th until Tuesday 20th November,11-6 daily- Throes, curated by Charlotte Pratley and Alexandria Clark; Victoria Court Interiors Map
An exhibition exploring the darker side of human nature and the human condition, to provide an antidote to easily-viewed, unchallenging artwork shown in pristine white spaces.

Monday 19th until Saturday 24th November, 10-5 daily- Pipe Dream, curated by Rebecca Gove-Humphries and Katrine Brosnan; Tether Studios Map
Tether Studios (17a Huntingdon Street) is the venue for Pipe Dream, an exhibition not afraid to fail. Presenting a range of works including performances, singing birds, animation, Johnny Cash, progressive sculptures and paintings. Braving new ideas and between solid ground, a group of artists tentatively attempt to publically expose themselves and their new work.

Challenging the presumption that exhibition set up should be final, Pipe Dream will utilise the space with daily curatorial changes. Giving the opportunity for people to work with the curators altering function and display.

The first major exhibition to grace the new Tether Studios (the realisation
of our pipe dream). For further information, visit www.pipe-dream.org.uk

Tether Projects, Kindly supported by Andersons Solicitors

Monday 5th until Wednesday 7th November- Forecasts, a performance by Matthew Cooper and Alexandria Clark
Tether Studios
The artists combine their practices over the course of three days, constructing unplanned and uncertain structures from words and wood.

Monday 5th until Sunday 11th November, 10-5 daily- Uneasy Dreams, by Hugh Dichmont and Chie Hosaka
Tether Studios Map
It's raining again. My head feels dull after a long tiresome sleep. I look out to see the view. It's raining again.

Friday 9th and Saturday 10th November, 12-5 daily, Untitled, by Arran Poole and Benjamin Hargrave; Victoria Court Interiors
Using the resonant sounds of the Bow Chime (a metal instrument played by manipulating rods and a large metal sheet) and vodka as translucient paint, the artists aim to create an atmospheric, durational piece.
During the performance, the paintings will emerge on hung canvases, soak in and fade back to nothing, mirroring and responding to the resonant bellow of the instrument.
It is the intentions of the artists, Arran Poole and Benjamin Hargrave, to create a performance into which people can come and stay for as long as they please; giving a snapshot of the overall performance and giving each viewer a different experience of the exhibition.

Monday 12th until Friday 16th November, 10-5 daily- A to B and back again, by Aaron Juneau and Jonathan Watts
Tether Studios Map
Juneau and Watts' dual screen video installation reflects upon the natural history of destruction imminent to the Norfolk and Suffolk coast, representing an imaginary space in the gallery.

Thursday 15th November, 7PM- Tomasz Jankowiac, by Benjamin Hargrave and Matthew Cooper; Meet at Tether Studios Map
A performance exploring storytelling and music as co-existing ways of telling a tall tale. Our story follows Tomasz Jankoviac, Polish RAF veteran and his struggle with loss; his two companions, muddling through life together and the ways that all three affect each other and themselves on this little journey

Sunday 18th until Tuesday 20th November- Vortex LW 198kHz, by Amanda Young;
Balloon Woods Adventure Playground Map
Boxed into a 62ft shipping container Vortex LW 198kHz depicts the far shores of the British Isles in the middle of the British landscape. Hypnotic and melodic speech of shipping forecasts ripple against the steel walls and wooden floor defining the edges of the space and spilling out of it.
The temporary unit for the movement of cargo first gave birth to Globalisation in the 1970’s and since this time the world has become instantly smaller whilst the economy has become bigger.
Faced with locally sourced goods and travelled sounds, the perturbation of the shipping container into an art piece sets to support local community and rejuvenate an eroding space.

Tether Festival Screenings

Sunday 4th until Sunday 25th November- Broadway Cinema, Digital Screens and Cafe Projection Map
Short animations and video works will be displayed on Broadways digital screens.

Final Weekend
Tether Balloons
What you've missed
Theresa Wrigley & Chie Hosaka - Bruce & Sheila
Tether: The humble beginnings.

The Badge Project
Five artists have been comminssioned by new arts collective 'Exit Here' to create a limited edition badge that will be available during the Tether Festival.

The artists are:
1. John Plowman Opening event  /  CAST bar  /  Sunday 4th November / 7pm  
2. Oran O'Reilly  Lost In Pace  / Tether Studios / Tuesday 6th November / 6pm
3. Steven Bradley  Throes  / Victoria Court Interiors / Tuesday 13th November / 6pm
4. Daniel Hunt Pipe Dream /  Tether Studios / Tuesday 20th November /6pm
5. Ben Hargrave Closing Party /  Malt Cross / Sunday 25th November / 8pm

Each badge will be given away at a Tether events for free, but it's first come, first served, so get yourself along to the Tether Festival and get yourself a badge!

For more information on the badge locations, go to www.exithere.co.uk
November 15th - December 4th

Terry Shave. 'Closer than you think'
Bonington Gallery, Dryden Street

November 17th - December 16th
Jack Strange. 'The Stupidest thing Alive'
Moot Gallery, Dakeyne Street
Friday 9th November, 8PM
Tingle Tangle at Loggerheads
A night of collaboration between NTU and UCE art students

More information: www.tangleart.co.uk/

*Events are free unless stated otherwise. View the map.