Tether Festival. Nottingham. November 2007. Archive.
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04-November | Launch event at CAST bar

05-07 November | Forecasts at Tether Studios

05-11 November | Uneasy Dreams at Tether Studios

06-18 November | Lost in Pace at Tether Studios

09-10 November | Untitled (Hargrave & Poole) at Victoria Court Interiors

12-16 November | A to B and back again at Tether Studios

12-16 November | Beneath the Tarmac, the Grass at Bromley House Library

13-19 November | Throes at Victoria Court Interiors

15 November | Tomasz Jankowiac at Tether Studios

17 November | Midnight Movies at Tether Studios

18-20 November | Vortex LW198KHz at Balloon Woods Playground

19-25 November | Pipe Dream at Tether Studios

25 November | Closing Party at Malt Cross

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